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    Severe Exposure to bedtime stories as a child led to an overactive imagination. The result, sheer lunacy!

    Where are Brain’s Fairies are currently inhabiting

    I have always loved to tell stories, invent worlds and most importantly create the inhabitants

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Inspired by Victorian Gadgetry and Invention Samantha Bryan creates suspended, wall mounted and free standing sculptures out of a combination of wire, leather, found objects & collected materials. These unusual sculptures depict everyday life in ‘fairyland’.


What is going on

Not to be missed…

Helaina Sharley and I have an exhibition at the lovely Ferrers Gallery which ends on the 26th October 2014. There is not long left to catch it. It currently holds the largest collection of fairies on display anywhere!! …as the fairy shortage continues to take hold.

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Winner Announced…

Back in July I decided to run a Sealed Bid Auction. I wanted to raise funds towards the design and build of this…my snazzy new website.  To spread the word I decided to give away one fairy to incentivise people to spread news of my auction. A fairy wearing a snazzy flight suit…

I was blown away by your support.  Shares and likes arrived in the hundreds. The auction itself covered the cost of the website and more besides. It all got a bit tricky to manage, which is why I am much later than intended announcing the winner.  I wanted to ensure that I was as fair as possible and that I included everyone that I could find.

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