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Flight suits need not be frumpy samantha bryan

Back in July I decided to run a Sealed Bid Auction. I wanted to raise funds towards the design and build of this…my snazzy new website.  To spread the word I decided to give away one fairy to incentivise people to spread news of my auction. A fairy wearing a snazzy flight suit…

I was blown away by your support.  Shares and likes arrived in the hundreds. The auction itself covered the cost of the website and more besides. It all got a bit tricky to manage, which is why I am much later than intended announcing the winner.  I wanted to ensure that I was as fair as possible and that I included everyone that I could find.

(drum roll here…)

The winner of ‘Flight suits need not be frumpy…’ (brown dot)….is… TRACY OWEN.
Coincidently she was name number 1??

Tracey congratulations, please email me so we can arrange the re-homing.

THANKS again!! Samantha

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  1. March 14, 2015 - Reply

    OH MY GOODNESS! I can hardly begin to thank you enugoh for the time you spent to make these pictures so perfect, and the effort you took to make everything just so! We had an amazing time watching you do what you do, and it was so much fun watching him being put into all the adorable poses you did with the cutest props and backgrounds You are seriously incredible at what you do and I cannot thank you enugoh for the pictures. We will treasure them forever!

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