Wall Domes

Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

In 2006 I was commissioned by Art Office and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to design artworks intended for the new International Paediatric Wing. Following the initial design work, I was then commissioned to construct two wall sculptures.

The sculptures were designed specifically for the environment in which they were to eventually sit. I based each sculpture around an ‘Eye’ related narrative.

Sculpture One: depicts a Fairy Eye Test – the idea being that fairies must have an eye test to ensure safety during flight for accident prevention etc.

Sculpture Two: depicts a Fairy Goggle Testing Facility- testing goggle durability. This was inspired by the part of the hospital that issues spectacles.

Each sculpture is encased in an acrylic half bubble. This display choice provides durability and can be easily cleaned. Most importantly it allows the sculptures to be installed at a suitable height for children to view. Aesthetically each sculpture looks as if a scene has been captured and the viewer seems to peer through a porthole at the scene. The sculptures were installed in the hospital during August 2007.