Propelled Flight Aid

Propelled Flight Aid provides additional lift for the fairy

Brain’s Propelled Flight Aid, provides additional lift for fairies.
(Suspended Sculpture)
£450.00 guide price includes uk shipping

This piece is built around a vintage propeller, plastic or wood depending on treasure in stock.Light weight design for easy installation, can be fixed to any ceiling at any height to best compliment your space. Comes with a hand typed label mounted on wood to accompany your sculpture.

The figure has a hand stitched flight suit, that can be constructed in a variety of colours. 

Dimensions: 22cm x 40 cm x 30cm (h) Each piece is completely unique, as a result the size listed can only act as an approximate guide. You can order a piece like this, make time 4-6 weeks depending on schedule. Please ask for an accurate delivery time when ordering.