Portable Dust Sprinkling Device for fairies

The fairy has a duty to retrieve and distribute fairy-dust. Much of fairy life revolves around this laborious and lengthy task. The average fairy spends approximately 85% of their time searching for, collecting and sprinkling dust. Leaving little to no time for leisure activities.

The DFWB (Department for Fairy Well Being) has invested a significant amount into life improvement strategies for over worked fairies. A series of labour saving devices have been developed in response to the ongoing battle against fairy fatigue.
This portable dust sprinkler is a fantastic device for light duty tasks. Efficient and effective and therefore providing a fairy smile.

Hand stitched leather figure on wooden base. Guinea Fowl feather wings. Aged brass and leather device.
Dimensions: 10cmx10cm x (h)28cm

You could order a piece like this, it will take 4 – 6 weeks.

£555 Guide price(including UK p&p)
(worldwide shipping is available on request)