Brain’s Glide Suit

No more frantic flapping

Brain’s Fairy Glide Suit, designed to reduce fairy fatigue. The additional wing surface is activated when the fairy assumes a position of flight. Lift is significantly increased allowing the flyer to float and glide instead of frantically flapping to stay airborne.

£475.00 including UK p&p
(worldwide shipping is available please get in touch for a quote)

Details: This fairy is made using beautiful soft leather. Hand stitched with patched details and ‘glide’ inserts.  

It is a particularly tricky flight-suit to fashion but rather nifty in design. Finally it has a helmet, feather wings and stands proudly on a wooden base. Dimensions(cm): 10 (l) x 10 (w) x 29 (h) You could order a piece like this, the suit can be stitched in a variety of colours.

It would take 4-6 weeks to make depending on the fairy workshop schedule *ask for details*