Brain’s Bottom Warming Garments…

Bottom Warming Garments for fairies…

Fairies often find themselves flying at high altitudes. A dangerous pursuit with it’s many risks. The most obvious and most disastrous outcome would be ‘wing or limb freeze’. The consequence of which is high speed plummeting fairies.

This is easily preventable if body temperature is maintained. The easiest method proven to be via the fairy bottom (a particularly large surface area upon which to lose heat). Bottom Warming Garments © were developed in 2008.Their usage has prevented numerous fairy injuries to date.

This fairy is made using beautiful soft leather. Hand stitched with patched detail.

It features a fabulous garment knitted by a very talented lady called Lesley Barrett. She is my wool working wonder…her fingers precious and vital in fairy fashion. She knits ‘Bottom Warming Garments’ on re-purposed bicycle spokes.
Finally it has a helmet, feather wings and stands proudly on a wooden base.

Dimensions(cm): 7.5 (l) x 7.5 (w) x 29 (h)
You could order a piece like this. It would take 4-6 weeks to make.

£455.00 (including UK p&p)
(worldwide shipping is available on request)