Brain’s Flotation Device…

Floatation Device, designed specifically to navigate wet weather landing

Wet weather flights can be particularly perilous for a fairy. Water logged wings are heavy and ineffective making safe flight almost impossible. In addition to the in-flight risks, fairies find themselves fearful of landing when caught out by a downpour.

Surface water and puddles provide an additional danger when travelling in wet conditions. Fairies caught out by puddles is not uncommon and reports of fatalities are all too common. A floatation device can save a life. Allowing a fairy to land on a puddle, like a duck lands on the canal.

Hand stitched leather figure on wooden base.Re-purposed egg cup. Vintage typed title on base. Features Guinea Fowl feather wings.

Dimensions: 17 cm cm x 14 cm x (h)28 cm (aprox)

You can order a piece like this, it will take 4-6 weeks.

£535.00 includes p&p to the UK
(worldwide shipping available on request)