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  • Samantha Bryan Dust YSP
  • samantha bryan dust ysp

‘DUST’  by Samantha Bryan  at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Duty dictates that all fairies must retrieve and distribute fairy-dust. Much of fairy life revolves around this laborious and lengthy task. It is reported that 85% of fairies spend in excess of 12 hours per day identifying, collecting or sprinkling dust.

The DFW (the Department for Fairy Well-being) has recently invested a significant amount into life improvement strategies for over worked fairies. A series of labour saving devices have been developed in response to the ongoing battle against fairy fatigue.

This showcase ends on Sunday 26th October 2014, catch it while you can!!

Beautiful shots with thanks to Edward Chadwick, he had to battle issues with lighting and reflection, and dodge visitors and school trips to document this showcase. Patience prevailed. Official fairy photographer found here


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