Fairies move to South Yorkshire

Bursting at the seems in a sunny Mirfield

I moved to Sheffield in April 2014. Since then I have been commuting to my Studio at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield. This seemed like a perfectly manageable solution initially.

Time has proved this not to be the case. Fairy heads left at home when they should be attached to bodies, specific tools left at the studio when I needed them for a weekend project. It has basically driven me to distraction. Consequently (with a very heavy heart), I have taken a space at Exchange Place Studios. This is to be my new home from home. Next week I begin the mammoth task of moving my bursting at the seems workshop (see below), to it’s new location in Sheffield’s city centre. Wish me luck!!

My NEW studio will be open in November 2015 as part of Open Studios….watch this space for details….

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