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  • Flight Simulator Wall piece by Samantha bryan
  • Flight Simulator by Samantha Bryan

The ‘Flight Simulator’ wall piece is finally complete and ready for it’s new home.

A while ago now a lovely gentleman got in touch to say that there was a blank space on his wall that needed one of my wall sculptures. Excited I set about designing. I was delighted when he opted for a Monorail idea that I had been thinking about for over a year.
I embarked on making his piece. His patience and understanding allowed me to pour all of my best work into this piece, no rushing, no compromising just making sure it was just how it should be. Consequently I am delighted to announce that it is finally complete and will soon travel to it’s new home in central Leeds.
It measures 80cm x 40cm and stands around 15cm off the wall.
It is a Flight Simulator for fairies who are learning to fly. They can try out their flight posture and acclimatize to flying conditions in safety prior to unaided flight.

Photography by Jody Cliffe (Ladoza)

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